Frequently Asked Questions

Click--> Clients > Add client

Click--> Add client button

Enter the client name and clients mobile number

Now click the client name you have added

Click--> Add event button

Enter the details of the event like Event category, sub category, event date, starting time and ending time, event name... etc. and submit. The event will be created.

To add details for the event

Create event

Enter all the details of that event you have created in the event page

The main page contains the following:

Event cover image - Upload picture of any size as cover image for that event

QR Code - This unique QR code can be scanned for viewing that event’s album

Event URL - This unique URL for the event can be shared with your clients for viewing the album

Share your event via SMS using phone number - SMS can be sent to your clients for viewing the album

Venues - Details of the venue can be uploaded

Invitation - Max of 6 pictures of the invitation can be uploaded

Albums - All the photos of that particular event can be uploaded

Videos - Youtube link of that particular event can be given and viewed here

User activity - Page visit count can be seen here

Create event > Enter event details

In the event page

Select all the photos of the event to be added and click > Add images

Then click > Upload All to upload the added images

If you want to cancel Image uploading individually or as a whole Press > Cancel all button.

To reorder photos in an album

Create Album > Upload Photos

To reorder the photos in the album just Drag and Drop

Click--> Save reorderto save the reordering you have made to the album

For viewing the reordered album click > View Album

For adding new photos to the existing album click > Upload Images and add more photos

In the event page - click the share button and enter the phone number to whom the event has to be shared.The event will be shared successfully in a secured manner.
After adding the event - QR code will be automatically generated in the event page.Click on the QR code to download it.

Step-1: Step 1: Login to Photomall and Click --> Referral link

Step-2: Step 2: Enter your photographer friend’s mobile number and share your Referral link.

Step-3: Step 3: After sharing the Referral link sucessfully , you will be notified.

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