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One of the biggest challenges faced by photographers is sharing the images with their clients and making them select their favourite photos. Safety is the most important thing while sharing photos. We at Photomall, help you and your clients to select the photos in a safe and secured way. Listen to our customer’s feedback to know how the Photo selection process is made too simple using mobile app and website.

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Best about Photomall

Android Mobile App in Your Studio Name

  • Best mobile app for photographers. You can own the mobile app in your brand/studio name. The colour theme of the mobile app can be customised. There are more stunning features in this app!
  • You can make your clients to select and reject the photos through your studio's mobile app and get it done easily.
  • Digital photo album can be viewed through your mobile app and it can be shared with kith and kin.
  • One of the best software for live streaming and your clients can watch the live through your studio's mobile app.
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Event Details

  • Invitations :
    No need to carry the invitation physically, it can be viewed through your mobile app.
  • Event Location :
    Google Maps is incorporated with the Mobile App so that the Event Venue can be marked easily and the destination can be reached with ease.
  • Event Date :
    Google Calendar is incorporated with the Mobile App so that the Event Date can be marked in the calendar and never be missed.
  • Albums :
    Physical Album is not easily portable so portability is made easy here with Digital Album.
  • Videos :
    No need to post the Event video in any other social media, it can be viewed through your mobile app.

Client Photo Selection

  • Are you looking for the best photo selection software? Here you go! Client Photo selection made simple by using your mobile app.
  • You no longer have to share the photos with your clients via Google drive or Pen drive.
  • You just upload the wedding photos on the website. Client can select their favourite photos staying at home, work or anywhere through the mobile app
  • No need to compress or watermark the photos, in order to share them with your clients. Because no one can download or take screenshots of the photos shared. It is completely safe and secure.
  • Clients just need to swipe the photos right, for selecting them and swipe the photos left, for rejecting them. They can also like and comment on the photos as well.

Digital Photo Album

  • Best way to create and share digital albums to your clients. Just upload the wedding album images on the website and your clients can view & share the digital photo album.
  • You can add background music for the photo album.
  • Sharing digital albums is one of the best ways to create brand awareness among the people.