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Work Simplification
Work Simplification

Photomall made selecting event photos easy by providing the world's best photo selection tool. Users can easily select or reject photos with a single swipe, eliminating the tedious nature of the photo selection process.

Saves Time
Saves Time

Customers want their photos as quickly as possible. That's why we offer same-day photo sharing through the mobile app, so they don't need to wait for a hard disk or pen drive. With the mobile app, customers can easily access their photos right after the event, making it more convenient to enjoy and share their special memories with friends and family.

Quick Money
Quick Money

Providing event photos on a personalized device allows users to access the photos from anywhere and at any time, making the selection process hassle-free. This results in quick completion of the album delivery and a smooth business deal.

Business Lead Generation
Business Lead Generation

The ability to watch and share digital albums and videos through the mobile app leads to increased brand awareness among people and generates more business leads.

More Money
More Money

Creating a mobile app under the studio's name helps to establish the brand and builds trust among potential clients. By installing the app, people can view the studio's profile and samples all in one place, which leads to a greater likelihood of converting leads into business.

Android Mobile App in Your Studio Name

Your brand name is established & recognised.
Differentiating your service apart from competitors.
Establishing a connection with customers.
Enhanced customer trust and satisfaction.
An increase in revenue.
Android Mobile App in Your Brand Name
Photo Selection Software

Client Photo Selection

World's Most Advanced Photo Selection Tool

No more workload

There is no need to compress or watermark the event photos.

Ease of access

Your clients can conveniently access and select their favorite photos from the comfort of their own home, workplace, or anywhere else.

Simple selection process

Your clients can easily select & reject the photos in a single swipe.

Secure Method

The photos cannot be downloaded or screenshotted.

Event Details

QR Code

One can access the details of an event by scanning a unique QR code.


There is no need for users to carry a physical invitation as it can be viewed through the mobile app.

Event Location

The mobile app is integrated with Google Maps to make it easier to mark the event venue and navigate to the destination.

Event Date

The mobile app is integrated with Google Calendar to ensure that the event date is marked on the calendar and not forgotten.


The portability of physical albums can make sharing difficult, but digital albums offer a convenient solution by making sharing much easier and more accessible.


Users can watch event videos directly through the mobile app. There is no longer a need to share social media links. The event video can be accessed solely within the app, improving security and accessibility.

Mobile App for Photographers
Digital Album Sharing

Digital Photos

  • Sharing digital albums can be an effective way to increase brand awareness among people.
  • Each digital album can have background music added to it.
  • The users can then view and share the digital album through the studio's mobile app, making it a convenient and accessible option.