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Work Simplification
Work Simplification

Selecting the Event photos is the most tedious part of an Event. Here we solve this problem with the world’s best photo selection tool in which people can select & reject photos in a single swipe.

Saves Time
Saves Time

Customers need not wait long to get the photos through the hard disk or pen drive. It can be shared on the same day of the Event & the customers can access it through the studio's mobile app.

Quick Money
Quick Money

Getting photos on a personalized device leads to access to the Event photos from anywhere and at any time. This makes the selection process hassle-free and leads to the quick completion of the album delivery & the business deal.

Business Lead Generation
Business Lead Generation

People can watch and share the digital album & the videos through the mobile app. This sharing leads to more brand awareness among the people, thus creating more business lead generation.

More Money
More Money

Having a mobile app in the studio’s name establishes a brand name. People can install & view your entire profile & samples in a single place. This creates trust in your brand name. Thus the leads are automatically converted into business.

Android Mobile App in Your Studio Name

Your brand name is established & recognised.
Differentiating your service from the competitors.
Establishing connection with the customers.
Improved customer trust & satisfaction.
Increase in revenue
Android Mobile App in Your Brand Name
Photo Selection Software

Client Photo Selection

World's Most Advanced Photo Selection Tool

No more workload

No need to Compress or Watermark the event photos

Ease of access

Your clients can access & select their favourite photos while staying at home, work or anywhere

Simple selection process

Your clients can select & reject the photo in a single swipe

Secure Method

Photos cannot be downloaded or taken a screenshot

Event Details

QR Code

Event Details can be viewed by scanning the unique QR code


No need to carry the invitation physically, it can be viewed through your mobile app.

Event Location

Google Maps is incorporated with the Mobile App so that the Event Venue can be marked easily and the destination can be reached with ease.

Event Date

Google Calendar is incorporated with the Mobile App so that the Event Date can be marked in the calendar and never be missed.


Physical Album is not easily portable so portability is made easy here with Digital Album.


No need to post the Event video in any other social media, it can be viewed through your mobile app.

Mobile App for Photographers
Digital Album Sharing

Digital Photo Album

  • Best way to create and share digital albums to the clients. Just upload the Event album images on the studio's website and the clients can view & share the digital photo album through the studio's mobile app.
  • Background music of your choice can be given for every digital album.
  • Sharing digital albums is one of the best ways to create brand awareness among the people.