Photo Selection Single Swipe

Photo selection with customers done in a single swipe!

One of the biggest challenges faced by photographers is sharing the images with their customers for Photo selection. Security is the most important thing while sharing photos with them. Second major thing is time. Time is a precious thing in every business person's life Especially, in the photographer's life. Especially on muhurtham dates, Every photographer will be so busy. At that time, every photographer will feel the same way as us. It would be nice to have a genie troll in our life who would come out right after rubbing Alauddin's miracle lamp and give us what we need !!!

Yes, Definitely it would be great.We have created a genie troll in Photomall to help out every photographer. Can’t believe it? Really we did it ! Let’s have a look at how it would help a photographer. Listen to this and tell us whether it was created for photographers or not. If you like that genie troll, Get one genie troll for you too

Photo Selection Single Swipe
Photo Selection No Need Pendrive

Sharing photos with customers is a big deal for everyone. Photographers have some usual methods for this. Compress or Watermark the photos and upload them in Drive or a Pen drive. Then share the pen drive or drive link with customers. It took so much time to process and also caused some issues. In case a customer misses the pen drive, Photographers have to upload the photos in another pen drive and give it to them.

To access the data in drive or Pen drive, customers need system availability and some basic system knowledge to check the photos. Not all customers have a PC on their own. So there are a lot of problems that may arise. Or else, people will come to the studio for the photo selection process. !

Select, Reject.., Select, Reject.., Reject.., Select.. It goes for a whole day…
It consumes a lot of time to select and reject the photos with them. So just say goodbye to all these problematic methods.

Android App in Play Store

We solve all these problems by introducing the genie troll for photographers! Who\’s that genie troll? It’s a mobile application specially designed for photographers which is available on the Play Store in the studio's brand name.

With the help of this mobile app, customers can do photo selection wherever they are. They don’t need to visit the studio physically. And also photographers don’t need to Compress or Watermark the photos and upload them in a drive or pen drive.

As simple as that, photographers can upload the photos on the website and publish them. When an event gets published, customers will get a message with an event link. By clicking the link, They can download and login in the studio’s app. After login, photos are in the waiting list. Now the customers can select & reject the photos in a single swipe. They have to swipe right for selecting the photos & swipe left for rejecting the photos. They can zoom in & zoom out the photos for viewing.

Android App in Play Store
Photo Selection Like and Comment

And yet another most important specification is that customers can give likes & comment on the photos. Likes are used for mentioning the priority of the photos. They can mark the priority as low, high or very high by giving the heart likes to the photos. If a customer wants to say something in a particular photo, they can say in the comment section. (Ex: Please make this photo as an album cover image, Please frame this photo, etc.,)

Image Secured

Ok wait wait wait…! One question is still unanswered that every photographer wants to ask! What was that?! Safety? Is this method safer? Yes! Of course, It’s one of the best & safest methods to share the photos with our customers.

  • Can't take a screenshot.
  • Can't take the screen record.
  • Can't download the images.
  • Image Secured
    Photo Selection Completed

    When the selection process gets completed, they will submit the photos. After that photographers will receive a confirmation email. Now the selected photos (Zip format) are ready for download. Photographers can download and extract the photos from that zip file. (Ex) If the file name is DSC_001, the selected file will be named as DSC_001_selected.

    Now copy all those selected photos and paste them into the source folder. Selected photos will be placed beside the original photos. Photographers can easily mark the original photos of the selected photos and take them out from that folder. Great ! As simple as that, photo selection with customers has been completed successfully.