AI-Powered Photo Sharing

Clients can easily get their photo just by uploading their selfie.

Feature #1

AI-Powered Photo Sharing

Image Recognition AI algorithms can analyze the content of images and recognize objects, people, or scenes within them. This recognition can be used to categorize and select photos based on our AI-Photo Sharing. Automation AI can automate the selection process, saving clients time by reducing the need for manual photo curation.

Live Photo Sharing


Live Photo Sharing

Imagine being able to share all the event photos with people instantly, right after capturing them with your camera. Yeah! There's no need to take pictures on both your camera and their mobile phones. Instead, you just show them an event QR code, and they can access the photos through your own mobile app, all securely and conveniently.

Reach Your Business Targets

Reach your business targets with live photo sharing border-radius-20px

Build brand awareness

Get discovered by a relevant and segmented audience through instantly sharing event photos during an event.

Drive traffic

Reach potential customers through instant photo sharing with the mobile app.

Increase app installs

Instant photo sharing for event attendees leads to increased number of app installs which helps to achieve higher brand discoverability.

Generate leads

Create interest around your business and attract more business leads at the lowest possible cost.