Enter Studio Details

  • After you have successfully logged into Photomall, Studio details page will appear.
  • Now you need to enter the and
  • Now click
  • After submitting, your studio's Dashboard page will appear.
  • Click near Studio Address.
  • Enter a valid Pincode, so that your State and District will automatically appear.
  • pincode-with-state
  • Select your in the drop-down list given. If your City/Town doesn't appear select option and enter your
  • Enter all the other details under
  • Now click
  • Click in Studio social profiles column a pop-up will appear, there you enter the Type of the Social Profile and URL of that Social Profile and Click
  • social-profile-popup add-new-social-profile
  • Click "LOGO" under Studio logo, a popup will appear.
  • studio-logo
  • Click
  • Select your studio's logo you need to upload and Click
  • This Dashboard page will show the complete details of your studio.

Demo video for Studio Details