Create an Album

  • Please go to Login page Help
  • Click Event
  • event-click
    Method I - Create an album for existing event
  • Studio's Event Page will Appear. This Page contains all the Existing Events.
  • Now select the event for which you need to create an album and that Event page will open.
  • In that event details page, click in the Album.
  • album-with-plus-icon
  • Now "Add Album" popup will appear.
  • add-album-popup
  • The event name will automatically appear under the You can edit the album name if in need.
  • Select the from the drop-down list.
  • If you need to create album for Photo Selection select and click
  • And for e-Photobook select from Album Type and select Size from the Drop-down list.
  • Click
  • Now the Album is created successfully.
  • Method II - Create an album for new event
  • Create Event Event Creation FAQ
  • Create Album Album Creation FAQ